Get Involved

Livable Streets are for everyone in our community. You can help our effort in a variety of ways.

Sidewalk Audit

Sidewalks in most towns, including Fredericktown, are often broken and incomplete with sections missing. Incomplete sidewalks make it more difficult to get around and often lead to people walking less in their community. Help us by reporting sections of sidewalks with problems that need to be fixed. Use our Google Form to report a problem. You can access the form from any device for easy reporting.

Sidewalk Clean-up

See a stretch of sidewalk that needs to be cleaned up. Report it to the city! If it’s near your home grab a broom and get busy.

Join a group walk with neighbors

One of the best ways to improve our sidewalks is to use them more. Get out and walk with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Take notes of problems and report them. Take trash bags and clean up litter as you go. A community working together is a better community.

Have some better ideas?

Let us know! If you’ve got ideas for how people can help improve our streets and sidewalks let us know.