As of February 2020 we’re just getting started with this project. It is our intent to offer 1 to 2 group rides each month as well as safe cycling classes, basic bicycle maintenance clinics and more.

Group Rides

Likely there will be one beginners ride and one advanced ride. The beginners ride will be a 3 to 5 mile tour of Fredericktown designed for all ages to introduce safe cycling practices and help folks with less cycling experience become more comfortable riding around town. We’ll have fun as we learn the ins and outs of getting around safely on bikes. The advanced ride will be a longer ride of 15 to 25 miles to explore our county via blacktop and gravel backroads. Depending on interest levels we might have more than two rides a month and may offer shorter or longer variations of the above rides.

We expect our group rides to begin in April!

Safe Cycling Classes

These classes will cover the basics of safe cycling in and out of town. More info soon.

Basic Bicycle Maintenance Clinics

We hope to hold these clinics several times a year. Bring your bike and learn some of the more important basics of maintaining your bike for safe and fun riding. We’ll cover cleaning and proper lubrication of chains, patching flats, changing inner tubes and more. Watch this space for news about our first clinic.