Route: Northeast Madison County Gravel Loop

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Our first route begins in Fredericktown and is paved for the first 6 miles. At that point it transitions to gravel and then back to pavement and then again back to gravel. The route takes the rider into the northeast corner of Madison County and the Mark Twain National Forest. The gravel ranges from smaller gravel over packed dirt road to larger, loose gravel. The route continues east into Perry County with a loop through a mix of farmland and forest and a turn-around at Yount Township at the intersection of HWY J. The full loop is 40 miles with an a ride time of about 4 hours assuming a fairly casual 10 mph. It’s moderately hilly with 2,300 feet of climbing/decending.

A note about riding on gravel roads: They change! If you’re new to riding on gravel it’s important to remember that they can and often do change over the course of days. Sometimes the change is brought on by heavy rains. Other times it might be maintenance work by the county and other times just traffic. Remember that if you return to a gravel route you’ve ridden before that the surface gravel is likely to be at least a little different and may be very different!

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